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Welcome to the official website of the laboratory

we have to thank the Lord Almighty for the blessing we have of success in the medical and reconcile our journey where we managed - thanks to God and enable it - of the reality that we achieve excellence and innovative work Anfredna him and through what we have created a new work system in the idea and method, and at the same time and humbly unprecedented in content and detail .. 

And which is to touch and clear all our customers who were happy for us to visit them and gave us the opportunity to offer them the tests they need through the hotel does not like it in any other laboratory service .. 

Therefore, and in this regard has to be to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our valued customers who have honored us to come to the lab for their trust us, which meant and will continue to mean a lot to us .. Also thanks go also to the team work of the laboratory technical Abjahasais and administrator who has spared no effort to make the lab the one of the most famous and the most successful and most prestigious laboratories in the State of Kuwait ..

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